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Uniheat 40+ Hour Shipping Warmer

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Uniheat Shipping Warmers are the first warmers designed especially for small pets, tropical plants and other temperature sensitive products. To protect products from cold weather. API has been serving clients for over a decade and prides itself on high quality, competitive prices and customer service.   Designed for reliable and steady heat release for 40+ hours...Excellent Heat Pack for shipping live corals, insects, reptiles, fish, flowers, etc.  Provides an average warmer surface temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Works better than 30 Hour Heat Pack for live corals & fish because it is a more even heat with less peak temperature and the consistent heat lasts longer.

  • Best for longer than one day shipping by master carton or larger packages
  • Steady and deliberate heat release within the first 2-4 hours, followed by a gradual heat increase
  • Specially designed for shipping pets, water, plants, live corals, fish from to cold regions.
  • Heat Pack size 4" x 5.5"