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About Us

Here at Corals Unlimited we believe that anyone who wants an aquarium whether it's fresh or saltwater should be able to do so. When I got started with reef keeping 15 years ago everyone around me said "it's really hard" or "it's a waste of time and money" which all these years later I did make mistakes and I did spend some money, but that was during a time where people weren't sharing their mistakes, their successes or knowledge. I aimed to change that with my Youtube Channel Mad Hatter's Reef and when things took a down turn for the hobby in the state of Maine, I aimed to change that as well. So I give you Corals Unlimited.

Below you will find my entire build out of the fish store which I documented and shared on my YouTube Channel. My hope is that if you want to keep a Freshwater, Saltwater or Reef Tank you come visit us. I hope we earn your business.

Published: June 2021 in The Cryer Newspaper


Corals Unlimited, a pet fish, corals, aquariums and related supplies store, is the latest addition to the Topsham Fair Mall lineup, opening June 1st in Unit #20 (between Highbrow and GameBox).  The store is not an entirely new venture for Jeff Hesketh, the owner, who has operated a highly successful web site for several years but wanted a ‘brick and mortar’ location to be able to expand his offerings and offer customers the opportunity to examine their potential purchases and obtain information and advice ‘in person’.  “Our goal in opening Corals Unlimited,” he stated, “is to give both new and experienced Maine hobbyists the aquarium store they deserve, one that will be in the forefront of the effort to transform the industry from being dependent on ‘wild-captured’ specimens, with the attendant risks to rare and endangered species and habitat, to sustainable aqua-culture cultivation.”

“Corals Unlimited specializes in offering aqua-cultured corals, saltwater and freshwater fish for all levels of hobbyist,” continued Jeff, “along with everything necessary to maintain a freshwater or saltwater aquarium.  Over 70% of our corals are propagated for multiple generations, virtually ensuring their survival in a home aquarium, as opposed to purchasing so-called ‘wild corals’.”  Jeff indicated that offering aqua-cultured livestock keeps this wonderful and educational hobby sustainable by allowing the industry to maintain a large variety of fish, corals and invertebrates without heavily relying on the ocean as a source.  “In recent years,” he noted, “we have seen more and more wild reefs being affected by climate change and pollution, with many countries banning the collection of wild-caught fish and corals, making aqua-culture the future of this hobby.”

Jeff emphasized that education plays a huge role in understanding the requirements associated with maintaining a healthy aquarium.  “We want anyone interested in maintaining healthy fish, corals and invertebrates to be successful,” he pointed out, “accordingly, Corals Unlimited will be offering a number of educational resources, both online and in the store, to help educate and inform all levels of hobbyists.”  The store’s website address is: and it will feature everything carried in the store, including the ability to order on-line for pickup at the store.  However, Jeff encourages everyone to visit the new store, as there is simply no substitute for seeing the beauty of its live specimens in person and learning more about the wonderful world of aquariums for the home hobbyist. 

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We now offer an Aquarium Maintenance Service here in Maine. Follow the link for more.