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Maine Aquarium Service | Corals Unlimited

Maine Aquarium Maintenance Service Company

Corals Unlimited Aquarium Service is your go-to solution for aquarium design, installation, and maintenance in Maine. Now extending our services to most of central and southern Maine, we cater to both residential and commercial aquariums of all sizes. Contact us today for a free quote!

Aquariums can be a beautiful and serene addition to any home or office, but maintaining them can be a lot of work. That's where aquarium service comes in. Aquarium service providers offer a variety of services to help aquarium owners keep their tanks healthy and thriving.

Here are some of the services that aquarium service providers typically offer:

  1. Tank cleaning: Regular cleaning is essential to keeping an aquarium healthy. An aquarium service provider can clean the tank, remove any debris, and replace the water to ensure that the tank's inhabitants have a clean and healthy environment.

  2. Water testing: Maintaining the right balance of chemicals and pH levels in the water is crucial to the health of the fish and other aquatic life in the tank. An aquarium service provider can test the water regularly and make adjustments as necessary.

  3. Fish and plant care: Fish and plants require specific care to thrive in an aquarium. An aquarium service provider can ensure that the fish are fed properly and that any plants in the tank are healthy and growing.

  4. Equipment maintenance: Filters, heaters, and other equipment in an aquarium need regular maintenance to function properly. An aquarium service provider can inspect and maintain this equipment to keep the tank running smoothly.

  5. Emergency services: If something goes wrong with the tank, such as a power outage or equipment failure, an aquarium service provider can provide emergency services to ensure the safety of the tank's inhabitants.

Overall, aquarium service can save aquarium owners a lot of time and effort while ensuring that their tanks are healthy and thriving. If you are considering an aquarium for your home or office, consider hiring an aquarium service provider to help you maintain it.

Corals Unlimited Aquarium Service will create a scheduled maintenance routine that works for you and your aquarium.

The frequency of maintenance will vary depending on your tank's needs.

In most cases, weekly or bi-weekly is recommended for saltwater aquariums. We offer the following.

  • Weekly rate
  • Bi-weekly rate

Typical Service includes:

  • Water Parameter Testing
  • Water Parameter Adjustments
  • 10% Water Change
  • Filter Sock Cleaning
  • Equipment Operation Inspection
  • Livestock Health Inspection
  • Cleaning of Aquarium Interior
  • Cleaning of Aquarium Exterior
  • Service Visit Report

Other Aquarium Services:

  • Consultation
  • Vacation Check In’s
  • Par Meter Report:
  • Emergency Service
  • Livestock quarantine
  • Livestock acclamation
  • New aquarium equipment installation 

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