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Maine Aquarium Service | Corals Unlimited

Corals Unlimited Aquarium Service is an aquarium maintenance company based in mid-coast Maine. Now serving most of central and southern Maine. We have you covered and offer service both residential and commercial aquariums of all sizes. Contact us today for a free quote.

Corals Unlimited Aquarium Service will create a scheduled maintenance routine that works for you and your aquarium.

The frequency of maintenance will vary depending on your tank's needs.

In most cases, weekly or bi-weekly is recommended for saltwater aquariums. We offer the following.

  • Weekly rate
  • Bi-weekly rate

Typical Service includes:

  • Water Parameter Testing
  • Water Parameter Adjustments
  • 10% Water Change
  • Filter Sock Cleaning
  • Equipment Operation Inspection
  • Livestock Health Inspection
  • Cleaning of Aquarium Interior
  • Cleaning of Aquarium Exterior
  • Service Visit Report

Other Aquarium Services:

  • Consultation
  • Vacation Check In’s
  • Par Meter Report:
  • Emergency Service
  • Livestock Quarantine
  • Livestock acclamation
  • New aquarium equipment installation 

Contact Us:

Phone: (207) 406-4204

Store Location:
49 Topsham Fair Mall Rd. ste. 20
Topsham, ME. 04086