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Space Invader Pectinia

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Space Invader Pectinia Frag. This space invader pectinia is a beautiful (LPS Coral) that is great for beginners. These pieces are roughly 1"-2"

Species Identification:

Scientific Name: Pectinia alcicornis.
Common Name: Space Invader Pectinia.


  • Color: The Space Invader Pectinia is known for its distinctive coloration, often featuring a mix of vibrant hues, including green, orange, and pink. The coloration is irregular and can give the appearance of alien or space-themed patterns.
  • Growth Form: This coral species has a unique and encrusting growth form, creating a striking visual effect in reef aquariums.
  • Polyps: The coral's polyps can extend and retract, adding to its overall appeal.

Care Requirements:
The Space Invader Pectinia, like other corals, requires specific care to thrive in a reef aquarium.

  • Lighting: Provide moderate to high-intensity lighting, as Pectinia corals often inhabit areas with ample light in the wild.
  • Water Flow: Moderate water flow is generally suitable, as Pectinia alcicornis can be found in various flow conditions in the ocean.
  • Water Parameters: Maintain stable and appropriate water parameters, including alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium levels.

Aquarium Compatibility:
The Space Invader Pectinia can be placed in various positions within a reef aquarium, including on rockwork or the substrate.
Ensure adequate space between corals to prevent competition for space and potential aggression.

Propagation of Pectinia corals is possible through fragmentation. Carefully removing and attaching fragments to appropriate surfaces in the aquarium can lead to the growth of new colonies.

As with any coral species, it is essential to source Space Invader Pectinia responsibly. Supporting aquacultured specimens or corals obtained through sustainable practices helps minimize the impact on natural reef ecosystems.

Pectinia corals, like many others, may be sensitive to changes in water quality, temperature, and lighting. Proper acclimatization and careful monitoring are crucial.

The Space Invader Pectinia's appeal lies not only in its unique coloration but also in its fascinating growth form. As with any coral species, it's recommended to research and understand the specific care requirements of the Space Invader Pectinia to ensure its well-being in a reef aquarium. 

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