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Copper Test Kit | Salifert

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Original price $15.99
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This test can be used to measure any ionic copper in your source water or to monitor copper levels during parasite treatments.

The test kit includes a test cylinder and reagent, plus a color chart to measure the copper, accurate to 0.05 PPM. It can be used with freshwater or marine aquariums and includes enough reagents for 50 tests.

  • The Salifert test kit offers a very sensitive and accurate test for measuring dissolved or weakly chelated copper with a pH of 7.5–9
  • Lasts for several copper cures or provides sufficient for up to 50 tests on tap or aquarium water as a routine check
  • Ca be used for marine, fresh and garden pond water
  • Strongly chelated copper will only be partly or not at all detected
  • Made in Holland