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New Life Spectrum Probiotix Small 60g-Fish Food

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New Life Spectrum daily fish diet fortified with at least 3 million live probiotic cultures that support your fish's digestion and helps keep water clean. . The proprietary probiotic blend increases nutrient absorption (for healthier fish and less + cleaner waste!) & acts in the water and filter to consume harmful phosphates. Based the enhanced Thera+A Spectrum Nutrition Formula guaranteed to enhance the color, health and vitality of your aquarium fish (

  • - Small Pellet (0.5-0.75mm)
  • - Negative Buoyancy (most pellets will sink)
  • - Probiotic cultures (3+ million/gram) create a virtuous cycle by improving digestion for cleaner waste and probiotics in filters
  • - High-quality easily digestible marine proteins (like whole Antarctic Krill and Squid), algaes and seaweed (incl. spirulina, kelp and chlorella)
  • - Naturally enhances your fish's color with no added hormones
  • - Includes garlic for immune system health
  • - Manufactured in the USA