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Coral Vits | 30 Vials | Prodibio

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A Total Multivitamin for Corals

  • Hyper-Concentrated Solution of Vitamins for Coral Heath
  • Helps Corals Recover After Fragging
  • 1 Box Treats up to 1500 Gallons

Coral Vits is a hyper-concentrated solution bringing together all the vitamins necessary for the growth of corals in reef aquariums. Corals, fish, and invertebrates are not capable of synthesizing all the vitamins they need in sufficient quantities on their own; these vitamins must come from food sources, even in photosynthetic organisms.

The vitamins in Coral Vits are released gradually in the aquarium, which helps promote optimal consumption. It can be added at the same time as Reef Booster every 15 days.

Dosing Instructions:

For aquariums between 30-50 gallons, dose 1 vial every 15 days. For larger aquariums, multiple vials may be used.

What's Included?

Coral Vits (30 Vials)