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Coral Color Booster | 30 Vials | Prodibio

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Trace Elements for Optimal Coral Coloration

  • Contains Strontium, Iron, Iodine, and other Trace Elements
  • Balanced Formulation to Prevent Risk of Overdosing
  • 1 Box Treats up to 1500 Gallons 

Coral Color Booster promotes the growth, coloration, and anti-bleaching of corals. Its balanced formulation and the glass vial packaging ensure the presence of iodine, strontium, and other trace elements needed for healthy coral development.

Dosing Instructions:

For aquariums between 30-50 gallons, dose 1 vial every 15 days. For larger aquariums, multiple vials may be used.

Shake well before use and pour directly into a high-flow area.

What's Included?

Coral Color Booster (30 Vials)