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Coral Clean | Tropic Marin

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Tropic Marin Coral Clean is an iodine dip for corals to prevent the unwanted introduction of parasites and/or impurities into your reef aquarium.

The Coral Clean solution is phosphate-free and less aggressive than Lugol’s solution or a freshwater bath. It will reliably remove the most common epiphytes, parasites, and impurities so that you may introduce your new corals to your tank worry-free.


  • Gentle, effective coral dip
  • Removes common epiphytes, parasites, and impurities
  • Does not contain phosphates


Add 1mL of Coral Clean per each 100mL of aquarium water in a glass or plastic container. Fully immerse corals for 10-15 minutes, then shake corals lightly to remove any remaining undesirable organisms.