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Chemi-Pure Green 11 oz | Filter Media | Boyd Boyd Enterprises

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Chemi-pure Green is the ultimate all-in-one filtration media for freshwater planted aquariums. Conveniently packaged in an easy to use nylon bag, Chemi-pure Green is formulated to offer superior filtration without removing essential nutrients.

Chemi-Pure Green 5.5 oz treats up to 35 gallons  

Chemi-Pure Green 11 oz treats up to 75 gallons


    Enhances plant growth
    Reduces organics, tannins, odors, and toxins
    Doesn’t strip the aquarium of micro or macro nutrients
    Clarifies the water for deeper light penetration
    Optimized for the health and well-being of planted aquariums

Chemi-pure Green combines the highest grade of low dust pelletized activated carbon with premium ion exchange resins to produce a balanced formula optimized for the health and well-being of your plants while delivering crystal clear water. The proprietary formula significantly reduces tannins, odors, toxins, organic compounds and medications.

Chemi-pure Green’s high-capacity pelletized activated carbon has very low ash content and rinses clear quickly. The finest laboratory grade resins are incorporated to rapidly remove organics and tannins from your aquarium water while helping to stabilize pH and maintain macronutrient levels.

Chemi-pure Green’s unique formula is the finest planted aquarium filtration media available. For a healthy, stable, crystal clear planted aquarium use Chemi-pure Green!.