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Kalkwasser Pharma Grade | Calcium Hydroxide | (1/2 Gal - 2.5 lbs) | ME Coral

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Kalkwasser (Kalk) is also known as Lime or Calcium Hydroxide. It is the only chemical that delivers both Calcium and Alkalinity together. It is very effective at maintaining not raising Ca and Kh. In small systems with low consumption rates this may be the easiest way to supplement Ca and Kh. Kalk has also been shown to improve the performance of protein skimmers, as well as aid in the reduction of phosphates. Kalk has a very high Ph level and must be added slowly either via a drip system or via RODI evaporation replacement.  ME uses only Pharmaceutical grade Kalk.

KALK can be added to RODI topoff water at the rate of 2 tsp per gallon. Some like to start at 1 tsp per gallon and adjust upward. Even if we decide to utilize other Calcium and Alkalinity supplementation methods, Kalk is a very good compliment to them. The negative is Kalk dust can be caustic with manufacturers recommending the use of gloves and face mask. Also Kalk can be dangerous to our aquarium if overdosed as it may raise the Ph of our system to high to fast. Kalk should only be used to maintain Ca and Kh levels. It should not be used to raise levels as the addition will cause a spike in Ph. Use two part solutions individually to bring numbers in line with target. Then go to daily use of Kalk for maintenance. Our Kalk is produced with the best quality material available.  This is a half gallon container.