Mad Rack 11-22 | Holds 170 Coral Frags | Coral Frag Rack| Bashsea

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Bashsea's original "free-flow" slotted design. Our proprietary design helps with natural water flow through and under the rack - creating a cleaner environment that produces faster, healthier coral growth.

  • Dimensions: 22" x 11" x 3"
  • Frag Capacity: 170 frags depending on plug size

Over Engineered

We've developed the Mad Rack to be perfect in it's simple form.

  • The only coral rack manufactured out of 3/8 cast acrylic
  • Specific viewing angle allows maximum light absorption while keeping a pleasant presentation
  • 100% laser cut edges help prevent algae growth, and provide easy cleaning

Additional Features

  • Commercial grade durability & craftsmanship
  • Superior quality build materials