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Helio PTC Smart 200w Heater | Titanium Heating System | Innovative Marine

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Innovative Marine is proud to introduce HELIO, our new line of heaters utilizing ultra-safe PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology.

Up until now, the way we chose to heat our aquariums have been electric immersion heaters that use resistance wires as the primary source of heat. This is the same technology commonly used in toasters. When these types of aquarium heaters are exposed to air or become covered with debris, the heat is unable to dissipate quickly enough resulting in a rapid temperature spike, reduction in operation life and eventually catastrophic failure of the aquarium.

When developing the HELIO, we looked at the aquaculture industry and how PTC technology was utilized. After scrutinized detailed analysis, we extrapolated how to efficiently heat (in both cost and thermal dispersion), as well as minimizing the danger of air exposure and for everyday use.
PTC technology utilizes solid state ceramic chips that are programmed to reach only a certain predetermined set temperature. As compared to resistance wires that continuously increase in temperature until the element ceases.

When the temperature of the ceramic chip heating element increases, the sensor on the chip itself reads the increase and will increase its electrical resistance resulting in decreased heat output. This simply means that as the heating element gets hotter, it will become relatively more difficult to become hotter. Safety is inherently built in and not added on.

Now, after we reengineered and redesigned as well as incorporated the latest reef aquarium technologies, the PTC self-regulating heater and its components are ready to operate safely and efficiently in a harsh marine reef aquarium ecosystem.

  • Rated for Aquarium Size: 25 - 50 Gallons *Based on +10°F water temperature increase from current ambient temperature.
  • Heating Element Dims: L 7" x D .80" | Remote Sensor Dimensions: L 2.3" x D .31" | Helio Smart Controller Dims: L 3.13" x W 1.31" x H 5"
  • Helio PTC Smart Controller Specifications: Factory Preset Temperature: 77°F | Factory Preset Low Alarm: 74°F | Factory Preset High Alarm: 80°F | Accuracy: < ±1°F | Resolution: 0.1°F | Calibration Range: ±9°F
  • Temp Set Range: 59° - 95°F | Low Alarm General Range: 57° - 93°F | Low Alarm Minimum Range: -2°F from Set Temperature
  • High Alarm General Range: 60° - 96°F | High Alarm Minimum Range: +1°F from Set Temperature